Let us know if you are interested in taking part in a workshop for Precision Contour Control Flex Shell Framing

We offer a certification-training program for people who want to build a business based on biometric design or more basic workshops that will help you with your own project.

Level One Certification Training is available online. Passing this first level will make you eligible for an In Field Training Workshop where you will be assigned specific tasks on a schedule for a five-day project.

Flex-Shell Certification can be the beginning of a great career in freeing people’s minds and healing our world with beautiful organic form and didactic sustainable architecture.

These skills can help you learn a cutting-edge method for longer lasting, water-tank materials, water falls, ponds, wild and beautiful landscaping, safety shelter, homes, emergency shelter,

Aquaponic systems, furniture, and giant ear-shaped flowers that you can sleep in while listening to the stars.

You control your destiny and your imagination is the limit.

You can contact Doug Lacy for more information about this certification here: