Looking for Workshops with Doug?

There will be more structured and scheduled workshops soon, but building projects are happening in several locations.  Please email me at: douglacy77@hotmail.com , if you would like to partake, learn and experience building with Flex-Shell, and we can perhaps schedule a custom workshop experience that works for you, into one of the current projects.

Men applying layers of plaster to a sculpted rain water cistern


For Supplies, Tools & Services

Contact Doug at: douglacy77@hotmail.com


Two-Mix Kit $250 Includes: 6.25 lb of Eucon SPJ Super Plasticizer/Water Reducer (Silica Fume) 25 lb of Star M3 (Fly Ash) 3 qt of Nycon PVA Fibers 2 qt of Forta Ferro Fibers by FortaCorp 40 oz of Plastol 5000 4 oz of Mearlcell 3532 Excludes: sand, Portland Cement, and measuring containers

Plastol 5000 (18 ounces) $12

 Folding Machine $450


Foam Generator Parts List and Diagram $75


All Weather Shell Mix Instructional Guide Board $75


*Domestic shipping is not included in this price and will be determined based on your location.