Permits and Codes

There are many advantages to breaking the building process into three distinct phases. One important reason is to help building code officials approve permits and inspections. The engineering for the foundations, and Flex-Shell Core Monolith Pavilion is simple and the engineering cost is inexpensive for that phase of construction.

A permit is granted when the structural soundness of the building is ensured by an engineer. Once the structural soundness is established in a design by an engineer evaluating the design and providing drawings for the permit, the building officials are freed up from having to evaluate something unusual and out-of-the-ordinary and so can focus on the entry wall construction, which deals with what they are use to.

The entry wall phase can be completed using a home-owner permit, where the homeowner takes tests that ensures code compliance for electrical and plumbing but other professionals can, of course, be used to insure that the basics are up to code.

Around each column there is a space, around the insulated-tank foundation insulator, below the finished floor shell, that allows electrical, water and any other conduit needed, to jump from entry wall to entry wall so the main columns can be left fully intact.