Doug Lacy

Inventor and Architect Innovator of the Composite Technology and Architecture

From Aircrete To Sustainable Community

We initiated Flex-Shell Architecture to encourage hope for humanity by courageously exploring new ways of living with: technical solutions, architectural solutions, which foster a sustainable life style that is within everyone’s grasp.

These accessible technologies reveal how humans can live sustainably and independently.  The technologies help open doors to the potential of cooperation by aligning our perspective with nature, and the interdependent and mutually beneficial network of relations that already defines how life sustains and thrives.

When we recognize our belonging, we align with what is already long established. When we see that we are not isolated, but part of that flow, and the spirit that transcends time, we find our place in this world. Our home, our belonging, is among the rich diversity of unique, strong, and separate individuals. Each complex individual occupying a niche, or a role in the circle of life that naturally welcomes a private perspective, is free to be unique.

Sustainability is about individuals gracefully dancing in harmony to the rhythms and cycles that ripple across vast oceans of time. Flex-Shell Architecture is where our creations may reflect these values and seed them into the future through enduring natural form.


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