Flex-Shell Core Monolith Architecture

Flex-Shell is a durable building system for any kind of building or structure.  The designs can express many shapes and architectural preferences but always result in non-combustable building that is able to resist structural damage caused by strong earthquakes, flooding, tornado-force winds and vast expanses of time.

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High Strength Mix Design Supplies & Info

All the products and guides for a mix design plus a sub-surface reinforcing strategy for an ultra tough but thin shell.  We train, we help, we empower you to manage a small crew to execute a tornado-safe and earthquake-safe design on time and in budget.

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Fire-Safe, Tornado-Safe and Earthquake Safe Infrastructure for our Children and the Theirs


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Construction Management Plan can help you stay on budget and on Schedule..

Our Waterproof Job Site Posters will help you manage a small crew, or do the work yourself, by making sure their is no confusion about the mix or organizing and executing framing and foundation.  All the construction is made very simple and clear with these clear visual guides ready for hanging at the building site.

The Book: Flex-Shell Architecture, Advancements in Ferrocement and Sustainable Design provides a compreshensive guide for the process and reveals the far reaching implication of a new sustainable approach that recognizes human's welcomed belonging to this world. "Let us put our heads together and see what kind of world we can make for our childred." - Sitting Bull